Dine In

Book a table at any of our restaurants and come by to enjoy the true hospitality and ambience of our dine-in facilities. The experience, which starts with the courteous welcome from the doorman, continues unabated through the attentive maitre-de who seats you, to the service personnel who serve and attend to your every need. The interior of each of our restaurant is unique and provides you with plenty of the proverbial, ‘food for thought.’

Take Away

In addition to the deluxe dining halls which cater to the convenience and comfort of our honorable guests, Mughal Mahal Restaurants provide you with Take-Away facilities

Order an extra meal while you are dining at any of our restaurants and have it ready for you to pick up on your way out. Alternatively, if you are anywhere near our dedicated take-away facility at Fintas, you can drop-in to order and pick up your choicest foods even faster.

Home Delivery

Your order for food made through a telephone call, is attended to with the same meticulous care that you have come to expect from our experienced service staff. From the moment you place your order to the time it is delivered to your door, every aspect of your meal is minutely checked and verified to ensure it retains the same high quality you expect from us and that you get exactly the food you ordered delivered to your door, in the shortest possible time.

We prepare your orders and send them to your homes as soon as possible, maintaining its temperature, taste and freshness.

In all branches we have 7-8 Home-Delivery vans to ensure on time, intact delivery of ordered dishes to the customer’s door-step to give the feeling that the customer is dining in a Mughal Mahal Restaurant.

Outside Catering & Event Management

For the first time in Kuwait, we also created an outside catering service that transfers our kitchens and specialist staff to your homes preparing your favorite dishes in front of your eyes. Therefore, these dishes can be served fresh while retaining our special and unique taste. By preparing luxurious buffets for all events and for any number of guests at any place in accordance with Mughal Mahal’s distinctive methods, we make your event an unforgettable experience and an evening about which you can be proud of in front of your guests.

The management of Mughal Mahal Restaurants as always selects the most skillful cooks from the various Indian and Chinese provinces to provide your guests with authentic tastes at these banquets.

Whether it is catering for 50 or 1000, or even more people, our full-fledged outdoor catering service can organize a hassle-free dining event for you. Experience the same high-quality dishes that you have become accustomed to at our many restaurants, in the ambiance of your own home or any other place you designate.

Well-trained service staff in our distinctive livery will be on attendance throughout the event to assist your guests in every detail. And once the event is successfully concluded, we ensure that your premises are returned to their original state without any catering trash being left behind.

Buffet Service

Apart from our extensive ‘a la carte’ menu we also offer diners a sumptuous buffet at two of our outlets, on select days of the week.


Our Hawally branch, with its exotic interior design theme that reflects a palatial Rajasthani home of a bygone era, offers Indian and Chinese buffet for dinner on Wednesdays and for both, lunch and dinner, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, non-stop from 12pm to 11.30pm.

The lavish buffet offers a vast choice of 45 main courses, salads and accompaniments, and is priced at a very affordable KD6.450 for adults and KD3.750 for children. The variety of items on the buffet table changes every week, so each visit will be a unique dining experience.


Our Fahaheel branch, currently our largest branch with a dine-in capacity for more than 200 guests, is transformed into an extravagant buffet venue on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, as well as on other public holidays.

The extensive Continental, Indian and Chinese buffet, which changes each week, offers over 40 main courses, salads and accompaniments. The variety of items on the buffet table changes every week, so each visit will be a unique dining experience.

The buffet is open in two shifts, from 12pm to 4pm and from 6pm to 11.30pm and the pricing is tailored to meet the needs of families, with adults charged KD6.450 and children eating for KD3.750.