The Mahboula branch, located at Levels Mall on Main Costal Road 209, which opened in November 2016, is among our larger outlets and is a gastronomic icon on its own. In line with our other restaurants, the interior ambience of this branch is nothing short of dazzling. The Rajasthan theme of hand-painted wall panels, beaded curtains, marble railings, glass mirrors and wooden jharokas (window panels) are all tied together through a unifying and soothing rustic color scheme. With dine-in and take-away services, this restaurant can cater to 200 and is capably run by two managers who supervise 60 skilled food catering staff.

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  • Tel: 2373 3020 /40 /2373 3060 / 955545490
  • Dine-In and Take-Away Restaurant
  • Indian Buffet with 48 main courses Salads and accompaniments.