Mughal Mahal Restaurants


In 1985, opening of the first Mughal Mahal branch in Kuwait led to a paradigm shift in perception about Indian fine-dining in the country.

Again, following the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, we were once again instrumental in transforming the dining scene by promoting family eating-out as an acceptable and desirable social norm. Since then, each new branch opening of Mughal Mahal has been greeted enthusiastically by Kuwait’s food aficionados.

Since then, the opening of many new restaurants across the country also helped to popularize the concept of dining-out, by encouraging citizens and expatriates alike to explore and experience the plethora of innovative cuisines being presented.

The profusion of cuisines, ranging from Indian, Chinese and Arabic to American, Continental and a host of other specialty and ethnic menus, has only helped to further whet awareness and appreciation for exotic cuisines in the country.

We are exceptionally proud of the fact that despite the availability and access to such a wide variety of restaurants and cuisines in Kuwait, during the past thirty years, no restaurant chain has come anywhere close to consistently delivering the total dining-in experience that is characteristic of Mughal Mahal.

None have matched our superb food quality, impeccable service and relaxing ambiance for which our chain of restaurants have become byword. They say it is always lonely at the top, but we do not mind. Reaching a pinnacle is no easy accomplishment but retaining that pole-position consistently is what makes our work so interesting.

The fact that we have remained on the top podium all these years is a tribute to the consummate efforts and expertise of our closely integrated team of staff and management, and their commitment to continuously achieving incremental improvements in every step we take.

Every member of the Mughal Mahal team, from the people who cook to the ones who clean, from the people who serve to the ones who manage, is dedicated to our credo of ensuring guests are always treated as royalty. Our logo of a Mughal emperor silhouetted in green is a constant reminder of this commitment to our guests.

Our premier status as one of the leading restaurant companies in Kuwait is borne out by the fact that our annual sales, which was around KD150,000 at the time of our inception in 1985, has grown to over KD 6.5 million, approximately equivalent to GBP14.33 million or US$ 21.43 million last year.