Outside Catering & Event Management

For the first time in Kuwait, we also created an outside catering service that transfers our kitchens and specialist staff to your homes preparing your favorite dishes in front of your eyes. Therefore, these dishes can be served fresh while retaining our special and unique taste. By preparing luxurious buffets for all events and for any number of guests at any place in accordance with Mughal Mahal’s distinctive methods, we make your event an unforgettable experience and an evening about which you can be proud of in front of your guests.

The management of Mughal Mahal Restaurants as always selects the most skillful cooks from the various Indian and Chinese provinces to provide your guests with authentic tastes at these banquets.

Whether it is catering for 50 or 1000, or even more people, our full-fledged outdoor catering service can organize a hassle-free dining event for you. Experience the same high-quality dishes that you have become accustomed to at our many restaurants, in the ambiance of your own home or any other place you designate.

Well-trained service staff in our distinctive livery will be on attendance throughout the event to assist your guests in every detail. And once the event is successfully concluded, we ensure that your premises are returned to their original state without any catering trash being left behind.